Dos and Don’ts Before Graduating

Graduation day is approaching, and for many, that means packing up their dorm room for the last time. You’ve been living on campus for years and are graduating. You may be excited to start life on your own and forge your own path, but before you pack up and move out, we’ve got some things you need to know.

Get free career advice

Getting career advice is a tricky thing. You need to find a mentor in your field, but many of them are not willing to give their time without compensation. There are a few ways to get your career advice for free. Learn more about those ways.

Use the library and free software at your university

Libraries are important resources for all students, but particularly for those who cannot afford to purchase the books, they need for their classes. The resources your university library has to offer can vastly improve your studies, and the best part is they are completely free!

Pay your library fines

There are a lot of reasons why someone might be late on their library fines. Maybe they were out of town for a month and forgot to renew their due date. Maybe they were laid off and didn’t have the money to pay their library fines. Or maybe they just got tired of reading the same books over and over again. Whatever the case may be, library fines have a way of piling up on average.

Clean your house to get your deposit back

Finding a new place to live can be a stressful endeavour, especially when you think about all the moving costs, security deposits, and lease fees involved. So, what do you do once you’ve found your new place? Well, you’re naturally eager to move in, and your apartment or house hunting usually ends pretty quickly.

But, before you hit the road for your move, consider cleaning your place first. It’s officially spring-cleaning time, and spring cleaning can be the perfect time to get your home looking brand new. To start off, make a list of all the spaces that you can clean by yourself. Next, check to see if the house needs any professional repairs or similar services. Look for signs of water damage and conduct mold testing in Phoenix, AZ (or elsewhere); take note of the condition of the HVAC system; check for damage like a broken window or runny taps – all these things can be taken care of by your landlord. Once you have separated the tasks that you can complete by yourself from the ones that need professional assistance, the cleaning process should be relatively easy.

After the cleaning is done, you can employ environmentally friendly waste removal practices, such as disposing of the decluttered waste with the help of a dumpster service. Consider searching online for “cheap roll off dumpster hire near me” to find a dumpster rental service near you. Make sure the dumpster rental service you choose is licensed and has an excellent reputation. Check online reviews and compare prices to get the best deal. This ensures responsible waste disposal and contributes to a seamless move-out cleaning process.

Thank your university tutors

You may not always remember to say thank you to your university tutors, but you really should. These hard-working academics have spent thousands of hours helping students as you succeed, and a little appreciation goes a long, long way. To thank your tutors, send a simple appreciation email. Here are some ideas for your letter.

Plan your graduation and what comes after

When it comes to planning for after your senior year and graduation, there are a lot of important tasks to complete. Start by making sure you fill out the necessary paperwork. See to it that your credentials and important documents are in check, and start applying for jobs. You’d also want to get in touch with a moving company before you complete your graduation so that your departure can be hassle-free. Find out where you intend to go after and plan accordingly. Determine your destination and plan accordingly. If you plan on moving back home, communicate your expected return date with your family and coordinate any necessary arrangements. If your post-graduation plans involve starting a new job, contact your employer to confirm the start date and any pre-employment requirements.

Moreover, if you are considering moving to a new town to find a job, start by looking for a place to live. Once you’ve found a cozy space for yourself, connect with professional movers who offer expert junk removal services and smooth transportation of your belongings, including safe TV transport in Adelaide area (if that’s where you’re headed). Taking this approach before making the move can ensure that you settle into your new life with minimal stress.

Book a summer holiday using your student discount

If you’ve been out of school for a while, you’re probably itching to book some well-deserved time off. And if you’re a student, you’re lucky to have the chance. Between low-interest credit cards, student ID cards, and financial aid, you’re probably more financially prepared for a summer holiday than you were when you were graduating from school. With all these resources and extra funds, it’s easier than ever to travel the world.

Check your bank account

Checking your bank account is easy to do. You log in to your bank’s online banking system, click on “accounts,” and then click on your checking account to see a listing of all the transactions you’ve made on that account in the last couple of weeks. But is this the best way to check your account balances?

End your broadband contract

Since your broadband contract ends, you’ll be paying a lot more money once your renewal comes around. If you’re no longer paying a monthly fee for your broadband, be sure to use this opportunity to shop around and see if you can find a better rate. Call your provider to see what’s available, and don’t be afraid to ask to switch. They’ll likely offer a deal, especially if you mention your contract is ending soon. However, don’t sign anything on the spot. Instead, use your current contract as leverage to get a better deal.

Sell your old belongings

Selling your old belongings doesn’t have to be a painful chore. It can be a great way to declutter your life and declutter your wallet. Before you go dumping everything on the nearest garage sale or consignment shop, there are things you can do to make the price you get back higher.

Don’t stress about starting a career

There are hundreds of websites and forums that offer free, honest advice. Also, start by researching the companies you’re interested in working for. Practice answering common interview questions online. Do some research about each company’s culture, and look at how they’re marketing themselves online. Lastly, have clear and realistic expectations. Be realistic about your skills, background, and salary expectations.

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