How Much Does it Cost to Travel The World?

Have you ever thought about traveling the world? If a world trip sounds like something you would love to do, then you are probably thinking about the cost of it all and how you are going to make sure that you have enough to spend money on your travels.

Today, we will touch upon the world trip cost (on average), and what you will need to factor into your expenses.

There are some quite expensive countries out there, so if you are planning an RTW trip (round-the-world trip), then you will need to get yourself prepared.

Without further ado, how much does it cost to travel the world? Read on to learn more.

What You Need to Factor In For Your World Trip

Before you decide to visit Western Europe or maybe Southeast Asia, it is important to think about what will influence the amount of money you spend and what you can save money on.

From travel insurance to accommodation costs, you have to get these cemented into your mind to help you break down what your travel costs may be and how you can properly plan your travel budget for your time around the world.

What Countries do You Want to Visit?

Does Brazil interest your traveling mind? How about Peru or Argentina? Have you thought about exclusively traveling to one area of the world at the start like South America then moving on to other countries?

If so, you need to do your research on these countries and see what they are like to visit and if you are able to visit the cheapest countries on the list to help you with saving money whilst still being able to have the experiences that you want.

Underdeveloped Countries Cost Less

Staying in underdeveloped countries will make your travel expenses go down.

For instance, South East Asia, Central America, Cambodia, India, etc., will be on a lower price scale for you, and you can get food and accommodations for about 40 per person, which is great if you are focused on budget travel.

Developed Countries Cost More

If you are planning on stopping off in countries such as Japan or Australia, then you may find that your travel style changes slightly to fit in with the costs associated with these countries.

It can cost an average of 104 per person per day to stay abroad in countries such as these, so if you have a mid-range budget or are just able to spend more money, then they could be a good stop on your list.

Think About Visiting More Affordable Countries

Even if you do have the money to visit higher-priced countries, you might be limiting yourself a bit too much, not only due to expenses but cultural experiences in other countries that you may not get if you only go for a handful to fit in with your ‘luxury’ style.

If you go to countries that do not cost a lot, you can see more of the world and experience things that you never thought you could do before.

Making your own meals or bringing along your own food when going on your chosen transport will open you up to what else is out there. Limiting yourself limits your mind.

Don’t always go for comfortable, you could be missing out on seeing the world for what it is.

What Accommodations do You Want to Stay at?

Where you stay can really jack up the price when you travel, and it is something that you are definitely going to need when you plan on world travel.

You will have to think about saving money here which you can then use for other travel costs that will add to your experience.

Where Would Be Best?

You may want to go for traditional travel stays such as hostels, apartment rentals, and guest houses. But, if you are traveling solo, then you may want to look at just staying in hostels as you really only need a bed for the night not an entire room as that can cost you quite a bit.

You might not be able to get free accommodation when you travel, but there are some other accommodations that you can look into when going on your trip.

  • Camping
  • Low-budget hotels
  • Couchsurfing
  • Luxury hotels (only if you can afford them or you are splitting the costs with other travelers)

Some of these are more appealing than others, but remember, it is all about the memories of what you are doing, so you can think about that when you are pondering where to stay for the night.

What do You Want to do For Food?

You can’t get by without food when you travel, it is very important, so you need to plan out how you are going to get food and what the best way will be to make sure you do not get malnourished when traveling.

Eating Out Alternatives

Dining out constantly is expensive, you will be spending your money on food that you could probably make by yourself.

Hostels do have their own kitchens, so you might want to go to a local food shop, or check out some street food places and see what you can get cheap to bring back and make yourself.

If you do want to go out sometimes, look up online how much certain restaurants are in your area, and see if you can budget for when you want to eat out.

Don’t make it a habit though as it will burn through your money.

What Transport do You Want to Stick to?

There are a lot of ways that you can get around the world, and transport is going to be your friend when you take that leap.

Buses, trams, trains, planes, cars, and anything else that the country you’re staying in has, will add up over time, so you need to see which one of these is the cheapest and how you can navigate that when you are traveling.

Which is The Cheapest?

A regular bus or a shuttle bus will likely be cheaper as will trains compared to planes, so you may want to use these instead.

Yes, your trip may take longer than originally planned, but by using cheaper forms of transportation you will be able to save money for other needs and you can see more of the countries you are visiting.

Decide According to Your Needs

However, if you have to be in a new location at a specific time, then you may have to opt for flying instead, but if you are traveling on your own time, then the cheaper option is always best.

Pick up pamphlets at bus/train stations so you can plan ahead of time if needed.

What Other Fees May Come Up?

Everyone knows that even with a budget, random fees can crop up at different times which will impact the budget and mean that you might have to go over what you previously planned out.

This is bound to happen and shouldn’t be seen as too much of an issue if you are aware that this could be what happens.

Set aside around 1000 for ‘just in case’ scenarios, e.g. you ran out of food and didn’t realize or you have to get a different bus which costs more since your other bus was canceled and you have to be somewhere on time.

Being aware will help you approach any issues calmly and with an open mind.

What Pre-Trip Essentials Will You Need?

If you are planning on leaving your home for a while and traveling the world, then there are some things you need to get straight before you leave.

For instance, travel insurance. If you cannot afford travel insurance then you probably should not be going traveling.

You need to be protected when you are out there, and if you get sick or hurt, you would ideally like to be covered.

Having insurance will be a good idea and it will help you out in a pinch, so look through different plans that would suit your trip and what you want to do so you can feel safe once you travel.

It is also important that you make sure your Visa is correct and up-to-date as well as your vaccinations.

Sorting these things out in plenty of enough time will help you out in the long run and save you from problems that could make you stuck.


After reading this article, you should be more aware of how much it will cost to travel the world, and what you will need to think about before jetting off.

Your expenses will differ depending on where you go, but per person, it should be around 20-29,000 to go traveling, and that will only get bigger if you add more people to the mix or you go towards the more luxurious side, e.g. hotels, planes, and restaurants.

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